Android Open World Game - Where to start?

I’m new here.
I’m very interested in creating open world android RPG game - just for learning.
i know basics of C++ and I can think logically, so blueprints shouldn’t be a problem for me.
for now im just going through every Unreal Engine tutorial on youtube and i’m trying to learn.
Now the question is - where should i start to create my game?
Has anyone any sample of game like this created in Unreal?
Is it possible to generate high resolution textures like in real world that will work on Android devices?

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Hello GerionPL,

If you plan to create your game with C++ I think that you will need more than basics in C++ but good skills in object oriented programming in C++. Else, in Blueprint thinking logically and having good knowledges about the engine is the key :wink:

Creating a huge game as an open world RPG is maybe too big to begin with. Here are some official video tutorials.

Yes, it is possible to generate high res textures. UE will compress them when you will cook your project for Android.

Cheers! :wink:

Hi Gerion, If you wish to learn game development in Android, you can refer to this android development tutorials. The quality of tutorials they provide is good and will be of use to you.