Android Open Level crash

Hey guys,

I am experiencing random crashes while using Open Level blueprint node. My android device is LG G2 which has 2GB of RAM. and I think crashes occur in random places just because of not enough memory and I would like to hear confirmation about it. Mostly it happens with this kind of call stack .

Sometimes crash happens on another place, but always somewhere in UEngine::LoadMap

Here’s the logcat log, which contains memory dump of the problem.

From this log one can notice that virtual memory is more than 2 GB

Process Virtual Memory: 2096.50 MB used, 2917.26 MB peak

There’s also other crashes happening on the same place, which happen less frequently.

I found similar callstack on this thread which talks about pak file. I tried to not use pak file to check the hypothesis, but android packager always creates .pak file inside .obb, so this also didn’t work.

Anyways, I really like to know answers of these questions.

Is my reasoning true, and the only cause of crash was insufficient memory?

Do you have any suggestions regarding what can I check to find the memory bottleneck?

Thank you.