Android Open Developer Console (~) Tilda


In the Unreal Editor you can hit the tilda key (~) to open the developer console.

That lets you type commands like:

ce NameOfCustomBlueprintEvent

to execute a custom event in your blueprints.

When running on Android (Forge TV) when using the standard 4.10 after hitting the (~) tilda key the application crashes.

And I’m just wondering if the developer console works on Android? I have some tablets and other devices that I’ll try to test with to see if I can get the developer console to appear.

Any insight is appreciated!


~Tim Graupmann

Go to Edit->Editor Preferences->Keyboard shortcuts then search “console” and make sure a key is assigned to open the console.

On Forge TV, hitting the console key immediately crashes the app.
On Nexus 10, the keyboard key crashes the console. However for a tablet you can enable four-touch and that opens the developer console on Nexus 10.