[ANDROID] Objects disappear/appear (Flickering) when they are loaded the first time

I made a video of this issue.

Basically there is some meshes and actors that under certain circumstances provoke flickering. The first example is kind of subtle but the second example is way too much bugged.
And then if i pass the zone with the problem and load again the level is fine.
Worth to mention. If you begin the level bugged and com back to the world map without moving to the next zone, when you enter the flickering persiste. It fixes only when the zone is completely show and move away from it

Forward Renderig
No Static lighting, no dynamic lighting. No light s at all… Only unlit materials/

This was captured using a LG h815p (lg4g) but i tested it on Galaxy S7 and it works ok mostly , there is water planes using the water shader (no the cascade here) that causes flickering

this link is broken btw

Make sure that pivot is in center of your object. Also try to change “Near Clip Plane” value in Project Settings -> General Settings -> Settings.

Could be near Clip because we are working with less Fov (60)

I changed the values but the problem persist. additionally the water when i t uses Depth Fade node it starts to flicker too

what else could be? it happens on some devices only