Android - No Devices Found

I had done steps by this instruction
(SDK, developer menu, phone drivers etc.)

Checked devices by cmd -

But unreal don’t see my phone. I’m restarting engine, comp, change type of connection phone - it’s not help.

Please, have you any idea of something wrong in this case?

Hi 6r0m,

You mentioned you did try checking for the latest drivers for your device? We had a user recently with a similar problem and it was a conflict with his driver. What device are you trying to connect?

Hi wittlief,

I’m trying to connect - lg L40 (D170) , On the official LG site - there is one driver for it .

Might be a long shot but check to make sure that the proper USB drivers for your device are installed on your development PC. For example the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 needs some specific USB drivers to work which you have to download and install from the Samsung site. This could be the same for the device you are having issues getting to connect as well.

all might be))

just I don’t know where is proper…

My thoughts that this steps not important for development - because .apk package making by one click -

Can you give any links come in handy initially game working on android - first steps with sensor controller, database and etc nuances for android platform?


start adb from engine folder - adb.exe usb

Hi 6r0m. i meet the same thing. my phone is mate 8 with EMUI 5 system. usb debug model is on. after instaling CodeWorksforAndroid-1R5-windows.exe . android-no devices found in Launch menu. do you have fixed this problem?

I have same problem with this…
Version: UE 4.20
Phone: Acer Liquid Z630
Android: 5.1 Lollipop
Laptop OS: Windows 10

I have followed all steps on the doc of unreal engine but still not working.
I have installed Android studio and my device was seen and working there… i tested my device on android studio and its working fine… but on unreal engine i cannot even see my device.
i checked it on adb and it was listed.
Please someone help/…

Somebody here ?
I have the same problem…
Do you have the solution now ?