Android New Automation Testing - How to setupd adb


With the new Automation Testing for Android in 4.13 it seems to be super easy to do automation testing on multiple devices at once.

But until now I always had some problems when connecting even 2 android devices over usb one after each other.

For example when I test on a samsung s4 or s7 and then afterwards test on a htc, I always had some driver problems or adb device which is not getting recognized correctly. This could only be solved sometimes be uninstalling all not samsung related drivers and then reinstalling htc related stuff and vice versa.

So I would like to know what should be the correct procedure if I want for example to test on a S4, S7 and Htc One and Huawei? Some advice on how this could be setup to use this new Automation Testing for Android would be welcome.

Hi, needing to uninstall drivers isn’t something we’ve experienced, and we have many devices. I have installed Samsung’s latest USB drivers as well as Google’s. When a particular device isn’t working, I use Device Manager, choose Update Driver and manually locate the correct driver for the device. There is a universal adb driver installer but I’ve never tried it.

Also note that 4.13 has a bug with Android sessions appearing in the session manager. The fix is easy, at the bottom of Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini (line 2710) there is a missing newline between the text “+RestrictedPlatforms=PSN” and “[/Script/TcpMessaging.TcpMessagingSettings]” which means the settings for the communications protocol are not correctly loaded. Just put a newline in between there so “[/Script/TcpMessaging.TcpMessagingSettings]” begins on its own line. The file will be fixed in 4.13.1.

  • Jack