Android Networking (Android-to-Android and Cross-Platform)

I’m trying to get my Android to be a Server and the Computer (or another Android) to connect as Client, but the client never makes a successful connection.

Currently it works with my Computer as a server and the Android can connect as client, but I need it to go the other way around too.

My process right now for Computer (Server) <-> Android (Client) is…

  1. Package Windows 64 Build
  2. Launch Windows Build as Server
  3. In Editor **Launch **> **Devices **> Android
  4. Character BP checks if Android, if *True *and Has Authority, Command Node Connect LAN IP of Computer

My process right now, which doesn’t work, for Android (Server) <-> Computer (Client) is…

  1. Package Windows 64 Build
  2. In Editor **Launch **> **Devices **> Android
  3. Launch Windows Build
  4. Character BP Checks if NOT Android, if True and Has Authority, Command Node Connect LAN IP of Android

I know the Character BP connect is sloppy but right now I’m just quickly trying to find out if this cross-platform networking is feasible. The Computer client does execute the BP for trying to connect to the Android server, I have screen prints, but it never actually does connect. Through all of this the phone is always on with the game actively running.

I have also tried to manually type into console open <ip> and still no connection.

Am I missing a step? Am I doing something wrong? Is the phone acting as a server just not possible?

Note: I’m just using the 2d Side Scroller template at the moment with some minor networking changes, but I’m not planning on making a game. Interested in another medium so network traffic with a phone as a server for a traditional game isn’t a concern right now, testing to see if this works at all before I consider moving forward.

Thanks in advance UE4 community~