Android network pawn movement really weak

I have created a game which successfully hosts on a Windows PC and can be joined by another Windows PC or Android phone.
The problem is the although the local player’s pawn on client Windows PC can move around at the same speed as the host’s,
a local player on client Android in the game can only turn as fast, but can barely move forward and backward.

The Blueprint code for movement is exactly the same for both platforms.
The pawn is driven by physics, simulated only on the server side and replicated back to the client (I’ll smooth it out for the client later once I have it working properly).

Why is the Android limping along when Applying forward Force to the basic physics-driven pawn, but the PC does just fine? Do I need to add a multiplier to the Add Force amount parameter based on which platform the game is running on, or does the Android OS throttle outgoing network packets, or what, and how can I find out?

Would you be able to provide some guidance on how you got android to work as a client to a windows PC as that’s something I am really struggling with at the minute. I have been searching everywhere for some help on this but there appears to be little to no help online. I can successfully host and join sessions between a windows server and windows client but as soon as I try to get an android client set up, it can’t connect. Is there a specific set up required besides configuring the project to build for android? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using 4.18.

I used 4.17.2
I did not have to do anything different for it to work on Android both as a listen server and as a client connecting to the PC either way.

Maybe it’s just that some Androids can do it and some can’t. Samsung Galaxy S2 can’t even start the engine because it doesn’t have enough RAM.

Maybe your android has a firewall against Unreal ports? There are two ports in Unreal that are default, which one is default depends on which version of Unreal. You can determine your own port in the engine configuration though.

I have no idea why it works for me and not you though. Really you don’t have to do anything different or special. Use the exact same blueprint code. I am using no plugins, just regular Session nodes to do this.