Android-ndk-r12b ndk-build failed with args APP_ABI="armeabi-v7a " NDK_DEBUG=1

Hi! I already found some solutions here but none of them fix the problems. It keep failing when I deploy package for android .
Thank you in advance for helping me solve this problems.

I think I got the solution . I don’t know why that happen but I post what I did may be it will help some other in the same situation as me.
First of all I had 4.17,4.18 and 4.19 installed on my computer.
Whatever engine I use when packaging Android for first person shoot it gave the error that I posted up.
So I have installed NVPACK in a folder “program file” into d:/ drive.
It seem that the engine is not seeing the full path of the sdk and other package and it trim it like “d:\program”
Of course I already point those sdk, ndk… In the project configuration section Android ask but still don’t work.
So I move the NVPACK to the d: root directory and the android packaging work fine with the 4.17 and 4.18 but still failed with 4.19.
So I decide to apply the answer that I found in this forum that said to use ant instead of gradle.
Finally every thing work pretty good.
I hope that will help . Thanks!

download and instal sdk and ndk and jdk in this video :