Android Native Goodies plugin for UE4

Hello, my team and I have just released our new plugin that allows you in a simple way to interact with Android native functionality!


★ Native UI ★

  • Showing native alert dialogs with buttons/radiobuttons/checkboxes
  • Showing date/time picker
  • Show spinner/horizontal progress bar
  • Showing toasts.

★ Opening Other Apps ★

  • Native sharing text/image/text+image, share directly via email, sms, twitter etc
  • Opening twitter/facebook/instagram profile, open youtube video or any other app
  • Opening maps app on a device with location/label/find directions
  • Setting timers and alarms

★ Getting device info ★

  • Get various info from the device
  • Check supported device features
  • Check if a certain app is installed


★ Marketplace:…native-goodies
★ Example project on GitHub:…-SampleProject
★ Documentation:…leProject/wiki

Here are also a few blueprint screenshots for you to get a better idea what can be achieved with this plugin:

  1. Show native system dialogs like date/time pickers


  1. Open apps and show more dialogs


  1. Set alarms/timers


  1. Open maps in a certain location or address


  1. Share text and images in multiple ways (email, sms, social media and messengers)


  1. Obtain info about any system feature of your Android device


With existing example project, you should be able to build an app like one in this short demo video:

Hi there :slight_smile: have you tested it with oculus go? I am especially interested in opening other apps, is there a component that allows to detect if the app I want to open is installed and if not to trigger an event? That would be great :slight_smile: