Android Movie Playback

I tried to run .mp4 movies on different android devices (Nexus 7, Shield Tablet, …) using Media Framework, and it doesn’t work. I know that’s a feature that probably Epic is working on it at the moment, but since one of the Epic staff requested, I am opening a ticket for it here.

Also testing android startup movie on various devices, I noticed that on shield tablet while you can hear the movie’s sound, you get a black screen. Startup movie works fine on Nexus 7. (I used .mp4, please let me know if I need to use a different format)


According to the 4.7 release notes, Android movie playback is possible with .MP4 format.

Android Movie Playback:
Loading movies and startup movies now play on Android devices! You can configure startup movies to play in your Project Settings.

Android movies must be in MP4 format to play correctly. Also, the movie playback feature requires a device with Android 4.0 or above.

You can read further details here: What's New | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

If you have any further questions, please feel free to submit a new ticket, or reply to this thread.

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I am using 4.7.2 version of the engine. I am using MP4, and the Android version on the device is 5.0.1. I can confirm “Android Movie Playback” in general does Not work on android devices using Media Framework. (please let me know if there is another way)

This is not just my problem, other people have the issues as you can see it has been discussed here: Mobile Dynamic Shadows & Movie Playback - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums

RCaloca from your staff suggested to create a ticket for it here, so please go ahead, and mark this back to unresolved, till it has been fixed. Unless, I am missing something here.

Startup Movie playback is a secondary issue (I did everything through project settings, based on release notes before. And that’s why It works fine on Nexus 7 as I mentioned in my earlier post, but it doesn’t work on nvidia shield tablet.)

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I understand that the other main issue: Ability to playback movie anywhere in the game (not just start) on Android platform is a feature. Do you know anything about Epic’s plan to have that feature?


I’ve been able to reproduce the issue that you’re experiencing when launching an application to the Nvidia Shield. I have entered a bug report into our system. If you need to reference this bug at any time, please reference: UE-11850

If you have any further questions or concerns, please reply back to this thread. Have a great weekend!


Currently, this feature doesn’t look as if it’s not the road map at this time. However, I’ll be more than happy to submit a feature request to our Developers, if you’d like?


Yes, Please. I am not sure if this has been supported on iOS either. so, if you can submit a feature request for ability to playback movie anywhere in the game for mobile platforms (Android/iOS) that would be great.


I have went ahead and added in a feature request for media playback on Android and iOS devices. I specifically asked for the ability to play a movie at any point throughout the game, such as a cut-scene. Reference UE-11948 if you ever wish to check up on the status of this request.

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