Android / mobile VR HRTF audio - when ?

I saw some mentions about audio engine not being primed for Android just yet. So I am wondering whether it will happen for Gear VR with 4.16 or most likely it will happen in 4.17 ?

Would we have to use any 3rd party plugins like FMOD or would UE4 work right out of the box with Gear VR (audio-wise) and provide HRTF audio and all other fancy audio effects in VR (doppler, reverb, occlusions, etc.) ?

Any idea if Oculus is working on Audio SDK plugins specifically designed to accommodate new audio engine for Rift and Gear VR ?


I’m working on fixing up android for 4.17. The version in 4.16 is highly experimental and doesn’t actually work, unfortunately.

The current/old audio engine for UE4 does work for android, is just not at feature parity with the rest of the UE4 audio engine, primarily because of the device profile that we have to OpenSLES with.

The Oculus Audio SDK implementation/plugin that I wrote for the old audio engine also works for the new audio engine so Oculus’s HRTF will work in the new audio engine.

However, Oculus is planning on dedicating an audio programmer to work specifically on the UE4 plugin and bring it up to speed on all the cool new stuff they’ve been doing.