Android Missing textures + lighting issues

Hi All,

I am trying to launch a level on my Samsung Galaxy S5. There are a number of issues:

  1. All textures are missing. I can move around the game but there is no lighting or shadows. Screenshot attached.

  2. When I tap four fingers on mobile screen, it shows me supported texture formats are: ETC1, ETC2, ATC. But in my Unreal Editor launch button I can only see my device without ETC1, ETC2, ATC labels. According to documentation I should be able to see all options. Screenshot attached.

  3. Mobile HDR is turned off but doesnt change anything.

  4. In my project settings -> platforms, I only see HTML5, IOS, Windows platforms. I can’t see Android.

Does tappy chicken from examples run on your device? Or that ninja guy.

Check this with tappy chicken, ninja and mobile temple. From what you described here its hard to say, but i think you did something wrong on android SDK side.