Android Leaderboard and ads don't work

For some reason the leaderboard and ads don’t work. I’ve added everything in project settings and added a file in config. Tried a few things on the Internet and nothing seems to work. Anyone else has a similar problem on 4.22? or can confirm that it works in 4.22? In-App Purchase works fine. Thanks in advance!!

I have the same problem, AdMob is not showing ads, Leaderboard screen is not loading.
It isn’t even clear at all in the documentation how to test it. Is Launch enough to do it? Or should I package for distribution, upload to google console, sign it, then download it as alpha/beta tester?
Hope someone can make this clear.

well I have mine distributed and does’t work. Are you also on 4.22 ver?

You did link your game and copy your game ID number. Just wondering. Don’t know at what stage your are. The google subsystem can be a little bit screwy. It works fine when you packaging it but then you go and update the game and make new package and suddenly you get subsystem error. Also don’t forget to use test adds the MOB doesn’t like you using their ads driving impressions your self but they do like showing ads to other people without giving you impressions. That’s something they like very much. You see Black is White and White is Black.

thx for the comment, will look into it again once I have time.

Well I tried a test ads banner, and it works. So I checked maybe I missed something and I found out that you need to verify payment info on admob for the ads to show up. So will try that out and tell you how it goes.

For anyone else with a similar problem. Verifying payment info on admob worked for me. Regarding the leaderboard I didn’t find a way to fix it. Just gonna move on and try playfab leaderboard.