Android launch - why so slow? how long should it take?


I’m new to all this, but I’ve had problems from the very start with launching a level on my tablet using the “launch” option in the editor. It used to take hours, not sure how long exactly as I ended up just doing it overnight. It’s a huge hassle to not be able to test things easier though as I can’t really test some touch specific functions in the editor on the computer.

Anyway, I had some starter content etc at first, but I’ve now removed all that. I also started with an “empty” project instead of any of the templates. I’ve got some simple content and whatnot, but not much. The “content” folder is now 7mb (of which 5mb is my four test levels). I used to chose “Android” (or “default”, can’t remember), but I’ve now changed it to “ECT1”. The exact settings I chose when launching is as follow:
Variant: Android_ECT1
Config: Development
Data Build: On the fly

It’s still slower than expected though. The first three steps are fine (verify profile settings, launching UAT, starting cook on the fly server) but where it gets stuck is on “deploying content for Android_ECT1”. It took me 31 minutes now. Much much better than before, and actually usable now, but still seems slow considering how simple my project is.

So my question first of all is, what should I expect here, ie how long does it take other people to launch on an android device? What can I do to speed it up?
I don’t have the fastest computer. I’m currently developing on my old laptop. I’m fine with the performance in the editor though since I’m only doing very basic stuff so far. I’ve got an i5 cpu 2.5ghz (second gen) and 8gb ram. Built in graphics probably doesn’t do any wonder for editor preview performance, but I assume the GPU would be irrelevant when deploying?

Any information to clear up what I should expect and what I can try to get closer to these expectations is highly appreciated.

EDIT: I was building as I was writing this post, and I clearly spoke too soon as that didn’t seem to work at all. The screen is completely black now on tablet except for the UMG button. Not sure if I did something wrong when cleaning up the content as I thought ECT1 would work, but maybe I’m wrong. How exactly do I know which type is correct to use? I’ve tried to google, but finding it confusing. My tablet is a samsung galaxy tab s2. I might try again with the default option and see how it goes. Not that I’m entirely sure what the difference between default, android and android multi is.

EDIT: the second run was much better. The step “Launching on Android_ASTC” now took 1min 31sec. Is it because I already launched it earlier? If I were to close project and open it again tomorrow, the (first) launch would be back to 30min+ I assume? That said, screen is still black. Probably unrelated to the actual issue of the slow build that I’m trying to discuss here though. I have launched it successfully earlier on the same tablet so maybe I screwed something up (seems to work fine on computer though).

EDIT: Third attempt using “android” build took 1min 49sec. Not really what this thread is about, but if someone has any suggestions regarding the suddenly black screen (with the UMG button visible and usable) I’m all ears.

EDIT: Alright, so I fixed the black screen. I normally press “launch” (which says it will launch current level) but this time I’ve been going through the drop down from the launch button and pressing “project launcher”. I guess maybe this does NOT just launch current level. By just launching current level it works. With less than 30min to launch the level for the first time and subsequent launches being less than 2 min, that’s definitely manageable. However, would still be interesting hearing opinions on how to improve it etc.

It’s normal to have a deploy time within 1 ~ 2 mins.

As for me, never really used launch to device, always package then install to device.

I’ve been sitting here 15 minutes and the output log hasn’t moved…

I also sat there 10p, but it did not move.

Go to Project Settings -> Android and turn on option “Enable Gradle instead of Ant”. It should increase building speed.

I had issues packaging on Android with the plugin advanced output log, if you have it try disabling it.