Android launch/package not working

So, I’ve tried a simple test - create a ThirdPersonBlueprint project and launch it with the launch button, using Android (ATC). I’m an Android developer and things are setup correctly. The app builds and pushes to the phone, but then fails with a black screen. The log says that it failed to load a bunch of content.

Does the default launch fail to push the content to the phone? Is this fixable?

So, wanting to see something on my phones screen, I try “Package Project” in the file menu. I select Android (ATC) and it does some stuff. Reading the log, I see it build the Win64 version successfully. In the builds directory I specified, there is only “WindowsNoEditor”, which runs although with really terrible performance. It’s possible there’s an earlier attempt to build the Android version and a failure, but I don’t see it in the logs and I can’t find the build log on disk anywhere?

What do I have to do to get the editor to actually package for Android like a good little editor?


I’ve got the ASDK setup, JAVA_HOME and ANDROID_HOME are there. I haven’t installed the NDK as I haven’t started to monkey with C++ projects yet.

The phone being deployed to is a Nexus 4.

Android support seems really, really rough right now.

I’ve the same problem :mad: