Android Landscape texture

I am creating an open world game for android. I have a landscape and have created a meterial using the Quixel megascans.
If I export the game using Vulkan, the landscape material gets pixelated.
I can only get the proper landscape texture using Open GLES only.
I want to export it using vulkan.

When using Open GLES, if i set the texture coordinates of my landscape texture more than 1, even that gets pixelated.

Also when I change the texture sampler source to shared:wrap on the material’s texture, vulkan has pixelated texture, Open GLES has no texture at all.

Is there a way to create landscape materials for andoid that suit vu


My advice is to create the mesh with other programs for android, paint it and transfer it to the unreal engine in an optimized way. I know that layered material is not supported for Android. As far as I know, it should be a single layered material. I created the landscape with 3d max and painted it with substance and put it in unreal like that. And it was pretty cool. Thus, the optimization is also high.