Android LAN Development

Hy all!

I am pretty new to UE4 and especially to Blueprinting ( just migrated from Unity - C# :smiley: ).

Just started to follow this awsome tutorial :

I know that this is standard Multiplayer ( LAN+STEAM ) and not spec. for Android, but I read somewhere that the blueprints should be exactly the same except changing the DefaultEngine.ini
( adding [OnlineSubsystem]
DefaultPlatformService=Null ).

I got till the 12th episode just after the connecting should already work. I tested out on one Laptop in the Editor and it worked. However when I deploy it on my phone I have a few issues:

  1. Cannot successfully set the value of the textbox in Options and Host Menu
  2. Even though I am on the same Wireless home network, I cannot find the session from my mobile hosted by my Laptop.

Any ideas?
Let me know what plus info you need, and I ll provide it.

Thank you!

also having the same problem with iOS

This problem is resolved.
It seems like that the problem was with the Wifi network itself!

If you are facing similar issues and you are completely stuck, try to check the router settings, Firewall etc. .

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Hey roroque, I would like to know if this solved the issue for you too. Try to test your app on other Wifi networks if you dont know how to configure your router.
Otherwise there are tutorials on router settings for LAN/WLAN.
let me know.

it was another problem we solved by another configuration