Android Keyboard Losing Focus problem

Hello :slight_smile:

I had to update from 4.16 to 4.18 due keyboard special characters features. But on 4.18 the keyboard focus is not working as on 4.16. When a text is commited the keyboard goes away and if I set the keyboard focus manually on BP it won’t show up unless the player tap the text box again. On 4.16 I could bring back the keyboard by setting the focus back. How can I manage that?

I was able to reproduce the right function in 4.16, Pasted the project files below. Check the Level blueprint, after 5 seconds the mobile keyboard will show up. In 4.18 it won’t happen. (you will need to test on your mobile)…test6.rar?dl=0

I also opened a answerhub while ago but I’m not figuring out how to fix that on java, and using a custom virtual keyboard is not an option since the game will be internationalized.…ng-in-418.html

How can I manage this in 4.18?

anyone? I still didn’t find a solution for this.