Android "is logged in" returning true even if not logged in

when I use the is logged in node it outputs a true no matter what. When my device is logged in or logged out of the google play center. also my local build is outputting true.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Verify that your app_id is in the file “MYPROJECT/Build/Android/res/values/GooglePlayAppID”

That is already correct, because I am able to write and read online values.

This is an incredibly hard thing to setup because the documentation is so limited.

I believe you’re running from editor when you get the true response?

You must run from your phone and as a shipping build to test Google Play Services. So basically, you setup your Google Developer console, upload your first APK so that the Developer Console has your APKs fingerprint, then you compile future test builds as shipping and push them to your phone to test.

Here’s a VERY recent tutorial on setting up for Google Play. If you need any help let me know – I just got done doing this dance.

Hey Distul, even in the editor I get a true response and my google play center is working just fine. but the problem is that I can’t use this is logged in node. I can already write and read form the online google database.
When I get a true return no matter what, then I cant switch my local/server save files

Yes, that’s what I was referring to. I realized after my wording could of been improved upon so I edited my post.

When you test from the editor you will ALWAYS receive TRUE to Is Logged In. You have to compile your game as shipping and then push it to your phone to test these features.

It’s very important you compile as shipping.

hey distul, I know that I need to test it on my phone but, the same problem appear on my phone (with shipping enabled).