Android In APP Purchases not Usable in UE4

Ok … getting frustrated with IAP.

I have it working where I can make a purchase and read details from the store via the 2 BP nodes “Read InApp Purchase Information 2” and “Make an In App Purchase V2”

The issue is whilst I can make the purchase I can not make it work where I query to find out what purchases a player has made. Without being able to detect if a player has made purchases previously (uninstalled game/change phone etc) then IAP is simply not usable for Android (don’t know about iOS)

This is a basic store requirement for a game otherwise I can’t see how you can release an app in Android that uses IAP.

So I assume this must work in 4.25 and if so can someone PLEASE share how its done. My setup in the packaging and google console/store I assume is correct as I can make the payments,

I even tried after logging the user in doing a “Restore In App Purchase 2” for all products and then try and check for a specific error code but when I tested that I got nothing back that was usable.

I have tried both nodes for “Query for Owned Purchases” as the attached screen shots show.

Note : I tested this with a google account that has made an actual paid purchase (not a test purchase) through the game

Did you figure this out eventually? Can you post your solution?