Android In App Purchase

Someone help me please. Been stuck on this for a week. There is not a single article or documentation online that I have not tried and tested. Nothing is working. Here is the procedure and method im following please someone tell me why this is not working because why it doesn’t is beyond me!

  • Read In App Purchase Information

  • Make In App Purchase

  • AndroidEngine.ini


For the record I do test on a shipped and uploaded build to Google Play Store.

Please someone help me, I really do need it as I am deeply stuck with this and is holding me back for an entire week now. Any help is greatly appreciated. Seriously.

I recently used the In-App Purchase for the first time and I also encountered some problems but now I have everything working, a few things that might help:

  1. Make sure it’s on the Google Play Console, I’ve always tested it on the google internal test.

  2. Obviously, make sure that ‘Enable Google Play Support’ is Enabled in Project Settings.

  3. Check if you are really connected to the Play Store, you can use the node ‘Show External Login UI’ to see if you can connect your Play Store account to your app.

  4. Make sure you have these Permissions in Project Settings - Advanced APK Packaging - Extra Permissions. ‘’ and ‘android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS’.

  5. Also, check if the ‘Product Identifiers’ is completely the same as the one you have created on the Google Play Console.

I can remember that I had such a problem as you so if all of this doesn’t work for you, I will spend some extra time finding out exactly what my problem was and what the solution was.
I really hope that these tips already help you and otherwise I like to hear from you, things like this are always annoying and I would like to help you.

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Thanks! This is useful!

How to check if a product was already bought or not? What if we install game in another device, we get all the purchased items ?

That is fairly easy. You need the ‘Restore In-App Purchases’ node for that. Input = Consumable Product Flags and Player Controller.

Make sure you do your purchases well, only those purchases that are not consumable will be returned in the array. Then if you have the array of things that someone has bought you can compare them with the things they have and put everything right when needed.

Any idea about subscription products for in app purchases like in “PUBG”

No, I have never done that myself.
You should ask this question separately on the UE4 Answerhub.
Then you will probably get a quicker answer to this question.