Android Gamepad Buttons Not Mapped to the Gamepad Events in Blueprints?

I’m working with Android devices using a gamepad (Xbox 360 wired controller in this case), and it appears that only the sticks translate from the hardware to Input Events inside game when running on Android, and none of the buttons or triggers. I’ve verified that the device accepts the inputs as outlined in this android document by creating a native android project to test with.

Will this functionality be added in the future?

The code was all there, except a “minor” code issue (minor in amount of letters, major in that it broke functionality). I don’t support you are compiling source code? I am not sure if the code fix will make it into 4.1, but I can give you the code fix :slight_smile:

Awesome :slight_smile: just glad to know it’s coming and yeah, I’ll take the code fix in the mean time for testing purposes. Thanks a lot!

May I have this code fix as well?

May I have this code fix as well? or perharps post the solution

This is fixed in version 4.1, available now

If this has been fixed, I don’t see it. However, I will admit that I am using the Amazon Fire TV. But monitoring the logcat shows me that I am getting button presses but I haven’t been able to locate the problem in the source code.

I have tried using both the pre-built 4.1 editor, and using one built from source. I thought at one time there was something wrong in the AndroidInputInterface.cpp that was not properly sending the OnControllerButtonPressed to the MessageHandler.

I’m at a point where I just want to give up after spending all my evening hours trying to locate the problem.

I will admit that I believe the Amazon Fire TV is using API level 17, but because logcat is showing the activity I have no reason to believe this shouldn’t work properly.

I am using TappyChicken project to do this testing.

Hi dear did your find how to map the gamepad input for android