Android game released. What now?

I was wondering if anyone else has any experience getting their Android game noticed. I have a game called Lux Protocol that’s been on Google play for over a month and we have only accumulated about 120 downloads. Not sure where to do from here. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

We have other Projects in the works but developing for mobile doesn’t seem viable for us sense we are too ignorant on the art of marketing.

Market the game. I myself have very bad luck when it comes to marketing. But keep trying to get coverage

yea I’m having bad luck too. We are on Twitter and Facebook. I have launched the game in the concepts section of steam greenlight. I’ve sent the game for reviews on a few dozen android review sites. My partner has gone on fairly popular local podcasts to talk about the game. Our university even sent out a newsletter that featured us as we are from the gaming program. We have good reviews and high retention of players but its just not being seen by enough people…

I typed Lux Protocol on youtube search and nothing. Make a short video about the game, add tags like android/free/brain game etc. Even if the game is on some reviews already there. When ppl will type “new android games” your game will come up. I search for new games on youtube all the time and if I like what I see, I go and download.
I am no pro in this, I just started getting into making games and hopefully will release one someday. But I played hundreds and I found many by typing “new android games” on youtube.

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