Android Game not working on any device

I have downloaded the Android codewroks 1R6u1 from the Extra\android folder and followed the instructions and settings, I’m building for API 24 targeting android 7.1 (I also tried API 19 targetting android 4.4.2), I build the game for Android All shipping setting, I tried sending the .apk file to my Android device so I can try the game without launching it from my PC as development, but when opening the game on my phone I get an error message after a few seconds from the SplashScreen telling that the game stopped. I tried this on A real Android device as well as multiple Android Emulators but still same problem.
And this is the full log (in this case the targeted Android API is different but tested in Android 7.1 (again not working) I’m using 4.20 and a default UE4 project (so nothing additional from me)

BTW: I tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything but still same problem. PLEASE HELP:(:(:frowning: