Android Game is not responding after minute

I made game for android. After minute of playing game stops and I can’t do anything. I had the same problem with my previous game. How I can resolve this problem?

It sounds more like a hardware problem than unreal due to happening twice. Did it happen in previous versions the other time? Your packaging for android properly following a guide? Does it crash or hang or blackscreen?

Does it happen exactly in 1 minute? It might be garbage collection issue

It hang. I tested my previous game created on 4.5.1 on Sony Xperia SP and my current game on 4.9 on Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and results are the same.

Over 1 minute. Game works perfect with no lags. My phone Sony Xperia Z1 Compact had 2GB of Ram.

It must be a ue4 bug on Android. I test on my android phone and android pad, they all will lost responding for about 50 seconds after game start after a minutes. It is a fatal problem and my game was delayed for this. Can somebody help us? I used 4.10.1.