Android game is crashing on launch after upgrading to 4.16

Here is the logs right before the crash:

05-29 14:42:55.412: E/JavaBinder(637): !!! FAILED BINDER TRANSACTION !!! 05-29 14:42:55.422: E/lowmemorykiller(243): Error writing /proc/16216/oom_score_adj; errno=22 05-29 14:42:55.425: E/InputDispatcher(637): channel '3cf3063a com.msgames.SkateAndStrike/com.epicgames.ue4.GameActivity (server)' ~ Channel is unrecoverably broken and will be disposed!

Full logs:

(Note: Right after the crash, I disconnected the phone to see exact crash lines in the logs.)

This project was working in 4.15. Still working on Windows as packaged.

Yes, I selected SDK target as 23 and android-23. NDK is android-19.

Development and Shipping modes doesn’t matter.

same problem

Did you check the application rights on your device ? by default, there is no right even if you have added it in project settings… and cause crash when saving savegame on the device…