Android Game Freezes After Being Minimized

I’m making a game for Android devices. My game starts up, and plays just fine. However, if you use the Android Back/Menu/Tabs buttons, and the game goes into the background. When you return to the game, it takes about 20 seconds to come back up, and the whole game is frozen with a completely black screen.

I’m developing on a Motorola Moto E, and my game exclusively uses 2D sprites and flipbooks, with blueprint scripting, if that might matter at all.

If anyone might have any suggestions, I’d be greatly appreciative. Please and thank you.

Has anyone else had a similar problem before? I could really use some help with this, please.

Anybody? This is a reasonably crippling issue I need to fix before releasing my game. I really need some help here. So please, if anyone has an idea, I’m open to suggestions. Or if you need any more information or clarification, I can tell you what I can.
I worry this mustn’t be a common problem, as I can’t seem to find any information on it.

Bump. Still can’t fix this. Trying to mess around with the 4.11 preview. Hoping it might have answers.

Okay, so. I downloaded Tappy Chicken and Unreal Match 3. Same bug occurs with both games. My immediate assumption, it’s because of my phone. The Motorola Moto E. BUT! Good news, the 4.11 Preview 6 seems to have helped. The game no longer freezes at a black screen after entering the background. Instead it just starts the game over. Which while not Ideal, is still a far better option. So… Yaaay… I guess.

Thanks for all the help guys. :slight_smile:

How did u get the reply man… here there is no response from anyone… if so help me out pls! :frowning: