Android Game doesn't launch on device

After successfully packaging and Android project I tried running the game on the mobile device however I get this message on launch, sometimes it only runs the splash screen for a second and then it displays this message:


After days and days of trying to uninstall and reinstall both the engine and Codeworks and trying different approaches I still can’t find a way (It’s frustrating!), I’m building the project for All, API level is 19 for shipping build, using the UE4 default BPtemplate.

Perhaps you are experiencing the folllowing issue:

Give the Android setting “package game data inside .apk?” a try and see if it works. Not exactly a complete solution as the apk will likely become to large to be allowed for distribution on play, but it would perhaps allow you to test on a mobile device, and it would be interesting to know if you have the same issue.

I followed a youtube tutorial and Got it working but thanks. I’m now experiencing problems with materials and particle systems with mobile, it seems so LIMITED!!!

Which youtube tutorial you followed, please tell. I am facing the same problem,
As I open my game on my mobile, it shows a splash screen and comes back at the home screen. But my other small games work fine.