Android game displays black screen and crashes on some devices

Hi there,

I have looked around and found a few issues as mine but this one is somewhat different.

The problem
My android game runs perfectly on a galaxy s5, but gives the “black screen for 10 sec crash thing” for other devices like my samsung s3 and samsung note 10.1 (2012)

What I tried

  1. Unchecked mobile hdr
  2. Removed static lighting
  3. removed " create hud widget" blueprint

I already found the issue my self.

The problem was that I disabled mobile hdr, and still had an sky light in my level. That was causing the crash.
So my game is now running on the galaxy s5 and note 10.1. (still not on galaxy s3 strangely enough)
If I find the older hardware fix I will post it here.

Running as in? Locally or via the google app store?

Building a full Shipping/For Distribution game doesn’t work at all for me?

With running I mean that the game works on my phone so building it on via adb.
I have not put my game on the google play store yet.

Hi i PM you in the forums, would like to chat