Android game displaying flashing graphics

I recently sent out a test build of my game, and running on a galaxy note 9 with android 10 has resulted in these graphical artifacts. I think it might be to do with the particle systems, but I have never seen this before, these dont appear on my own device either, a galaxy s8 running android version 9.

How is the lighting set up in the scene?

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Hey @Mafyoc,
It seems like the effect is being triggered when the higher-speed NPCs interact/collide with the particles. It could be a specific symptom of the particle system. If you go into the particle systems module, you should be able to select certain collisions and accelerations. I’d recommend playing around with those settings a bit before heading into overall render and graphics settings.
I hope this can help you out!

It look like: you’re using Niagara system for particles and your device not compatible with this system. Can you try to hide which particle causes this error? Because your device can’t process same time multiple Niagara System. Also if you had chance to try, try it on old devices like Samsung J7 series. I think you will not see screen

I haven’t been able to figure out why the niagara system seems to have this glitch, but switching to the cascade particles has fixed the issue.

@Mafyoc Thanks for posting your solution! Feel free to post more questions if you have any issues!
Happy Developing! :vulcan_salute: