Android Game Development Environment Setting

When i update my engine from 4.11 to 4.14 all my settings upset.
Now my android device is not being listed in launch menu.
I want to run my application on my LG4 device with API 23.
Someone says that i need codeworks 1r5 or 1r4.
Normally i had SDK and NDK, moreover they were working well but now not.
I try to install codework however i encounter a stupid problem like visual studio which i have 2015 and it doesnt support.
What is happening what are all these bullshits?
Normally it was very easy to use.Now UE4 is exactly nightmare to develop android games.

If your device isn’t showing up it might be the Android SDK paths in the project settings are wrong. Try setting them in the editor instead of relying on the environment variables. If it still doesn’t find it, make sure you have an ADB driver for your device installed, you have enabled USB debugging in the developer menu, and you have authorized your PC for debugging. Confirm your PC sees the device with “adb devices” from command line.