Android game crash after splashscreen

My game works good on PC, But when I try to lunch it on mobile, freeze on splash screen or sometimes the game get out immediately when splash screen show up, And when I packaged it its packaged successfully but when I try it on mobile the same problem appear,
Android device monitor show me these error and I cant find out the cause of the problem or how to solve it,

E/libEGL: Invalid file path for
E/Parcel: Reading a NULL string not supported here.
E/PermissionHelper: GVRTransition2DActivity.getActivity() failed. Trying to get GameActivity.
E/EGL-gift(21691): Cannot load register apis
E/OplusCustomizeRestrictionManager(21691): sInstance is null, start a new sInstance
E/ion(21691):c0044901 failed with code -1: Invalid argument

Do you solve it?