Android game crash after splashscreen

My game works good on PC, But when I try to lunch it on mobile, freeze on splash screen or sometimes the game get out immediately when splash screen show up, And when I packaged it its packaged successfully but when I try it on mobile the same problem appear,
Android device monitor show me these error and I cant find out the cause of the problem or how to solve it,

E/libEGL: Invalid file path for
E/Parcel: Reading a NULL string not supported here.
E/PermissionHelper: GVRTransition2DActivity.getActivity() failed. Trying to get GameActivity.
E/EGL-gift(21691): Cannot load register apis
E/OplusCustomizeRestrictionManager(21691): sInstance is null, start a new sInstance
E/ion(21691):c0044901 failed with code -1: Invalid argument

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I also hard crash on splash screen no matter what I try, even with default projects and using any version of unreal. Hopefully someone can figure this out soon!

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Same for me also. It’s frustrating guys when comes to android packaging. Help me out if got resolved for you guys. I am facing same issue from last few days. I tried all the ways. But nothing worked for me.

Do you find any solution ?

What version of UE are you using? if 5.2, then change from Deferred Shading to Forward Shadding and disable Mobile HDR

Every version has the same story. Looking for 5.3 solutions mostly.

I have tried with 5.3 even same sort of issues

Yeah still same issues. Also Cleared Intermediate folder

Still no fix for this? It’s affecting so many of us and yet there’s complete radio silence…


I have fixed it by fresh installation of Android Studio. It’s working fine for me