Android file size

Hello, I have been looking for 3 days how to reduce the file size of my games for Android, but without success. I can not seem to reduce the size please explain to me the steps to follow to have an Android games with the correct size?

I tried several tricks that I saw on google but nothing changes, when I import on my mobile since usb the size of the game is in 173mb (even an empty project)
( sorry for my bad english )


try this:

Aside from the steps gameDNA linked to (which by the way, you should follow)…

What is the size when you use File -> Package Project? Also, each APK will be smaller if you limit the number of compression types supported. E.g. with my small project when I export with just ETC1 and having optimized using that wiki page, the size of the APK + OBB file is 55mb total. Also if you support multiple rendering paths or CPU types it could use more as well. I just stuck with armv7 and OpenGLES2.

Also make sure you change the build configuration to Shipping if you are. Could save more.

And keep in mind APK / OBB download size will not be the same as the installed size. The installed size will always be quite large, but most of the time that doesn’t matter so much. It’s the download size that really matters.

I packaged the Third Person Template and its size is 68 MB. You have to read the documentation.

Thanks for your answers, I have already done the steps that gameDNA proposes and nothing had changed in the size of the file (I had only try to import since ue4 by pressing my mobile in device) the result was always blocked A 173mb once in my phone. I try with ETC1 and apk + obb = 62mb

I’m really very beginner with basic knowledge and if you do not mind you could please explain to me how the steps go in summary to put our games in android.

Apart from the gameDNA steps to follow there is nothing else?

I’m sorry again for my level of english, I have mistakes I think