Android fails for unknown reason

Hello everyone. A week back I decided to learn how to develop mobile games in UE4. I read the documentation and I watched various videos, however I keep having problems that don’t make sense to me.
So, what I have done is:

  1. I installed UE4.17
  2. I installed Android from UE4.17 directory (tried both 1R6 and 1R6u1 with all SDKs checked)
  3. I converted my project for Android (I have used both the 2D side scroller and an empty project)
  4. I set up the Android SDK paths
  5. I made sure Windows values are correct
  6. I enabled Dev Mode with USB debuging and USB install on two mobile devices (Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Core) - They both show up properly on CMD, however there are occasions where they are not displayed in the UE Editor when the Android SDK paths are set. If left blank the devices pop back up.
  7. I tried to launch both projects on both devices and nothing

The Xiaomi’s Security app seems to be blocking the launch, it shows me a notification about blocking a USB install attempt and turns Dev mode off. I managed to launch the project and install the app via USB on Samsung Galaxy Core, but the game crashes. The empty project opens, the placeholder Unreal logo is displayed, then the screen goes black, the game exits and I get a message saying “The app has stopped working for an unknown reason”. The 2D scroller tries to play when pressed but I get the same message after a couple of seconds with the game not launching at all. The UE Editor is also run with admin privileges.
I have also tried the Project Launcher where I experimented with all available options (ATC, ETC1, Default, Multi, Android).
It doesn’t make sense to be so difficult. I must be missing something. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance!

So, I uninstalled Android Works, re-installed them from the UE4.16 directory and made the project again in UE4.16. Everything runs like a charm for some reason. The issue remains on 4.17