Android extreme performance issues with 48,000 Hz Sampling


I have a level select which brings in about 30 UMG widgets in a couple of seconds. Each of these uses the same sound (which lasts about 0.15 seconds) when being created.

I noticed when deploying to android, the entire game would freeze for a second or two when trying to play these sounds on top of each other, even if I changed the concurrency settings so that it would only ever let 2 of these sounds play on top of one another.

I tried using another sound and this time there was no lag whatsoever, even when removing the limit on the number of sounds being played.

After playing around for a while I pinpointed the problem to the sample rate of the sound.
The only difference between the two sounds was that one was at 48,000Hz and the other at 44,000Hz. After changing my sound to a lower Hz (I’m actually using 22,050Hz now) there is no more lag.

This was using 4.16 and 4.17.


I had issues with 48k audio too (crackling). The same issues that were reported in this question:

In my case I was using 48k audio wavs from one of the asset collections, after some discussion with the author we tried 44k and that worked fine on both 4.16 and 4.17. I’m not sure if its because of Android itself (on this site, it says up to 44k is supported for wav Supported media formats  |  Android Developers) or some other UE thing…

Android w/ the new audio mixer should be working in 4.17 as reported in the answers forum thread.

The old audio engine has a number of android issues that we’ll likely never actually fix since that code is hopefully going to be deleted soon.