Android Exporting

How would i go about testing my game on android?

Figured it out thanks anyways guys!

It would help others and be useful for future purposes if you posted how you did it :> It helps keep the community strong :wink:

How I did it was I started with this documentation and moved from there:

Just to show that the TADP android exporter does work lol:

What device are you using, and is your project working? I’ve got trouble getting my own project to work on my android devices (2012 Nexus 7 and HTC One S)… So I’m curious if you’ve not just managed to launch but also get it to work.

Does anyone know which android version is required for ue4?

Hi, here is no answer for now.
You can check this thread for some information.

I actually got an info that it’s api 9, although the default is 19.

Hm, not sure about it.
Maybe they have changed value in default manifest to one which they really tested against.
I’ve not seen information about this change.

The reasons for API Level 9 as a minimum on the target device are several: Native Activity, OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenSL, etc.
API Level 19 adds better support for gamepads, but it’s not required to run UE4 (e.g. see AndroidInputInterface.h/.cpp).

If you are interested, I’m documenting in detail the process of getting up and running on Android on this thread. It maybe of some help to you?