Android Environmental Variables not working

For some reason, I can’t launch my Android game on to my phone for testing. I was able to do that yesterday, but today it’s not working for some reason. Anyway, I guess the problem is that I am missing environmental variables? I think. I don’t know how to set that up. Any ideas?

Here is the farthest I have gotten. I am suppose to add paths, but I have no idea where and how.

I had this same issue and I narrowed it down to being a change I made to my project properties, though I cant say for certain which one. Unfortunately, the “Default” button for some strange reason is greyed out and cannot be clicked, so after trying to go through the entire project and manually check/uncheck things, I ended up just moving my entire project folder, re-creating a new project of the same name, then pasting my original content/source folders back into the new project. I had to do a rebuild in VS, maybe in admin mode, and then go into the editor and make sure all of my BP nodes were still valid. Some had changed their reference names to some abstract all cap …HOTSWAPPED_…reference so I just recreated those functions and references. It wasn’t that bad, but I could imagine the headache if you had to do this with a nearly finished game that had a ton of BP references. All said and done, it was comparatively nothing to go the recreate route considering the entire day I spent trying to change one project property at a time and recompile.

If I had to narrow it down to what broke my project:

  1. Android settings tab by default has a giant red warning message…but it works fine as-is. Clicking one button turns it green, however it doesn’t seem these new settings are as useful and there is no way I found to revert it.

2)Turning off end-users auto-report to Epic. I just add this as another possibility since it’s something I changed.

Finally… I have found there can be some inconsistency between the engine and visual studio at times, and closing one or both and running VS in admin for a rebuild can be necessary to get it to work.