Android Endless Runner 3D - GUI - How to zoom in the level map

Hello everyone,

I am currently making a 3D Endless Runner game for android and I’ve set up the UI.
I have created a new map that will act as a level map where the player can manually chose and select the level he wants to play.
This is done with a Widget Blueprint where I have uploaded the image Ive created as a map and added some buttons that will act as opening the different levels.

At the moment, the map is shown overall at it’s default size : 1920x1080.
My question is, can it be possible to zoom in and out in that level map? because right now, the buttons that allow you to select the level are too small because of the large map and I would like for a method to zoom in when first tapping on the button and then another tap on the button to play the course.

Or maybe even a pinch zoom in and out.
I looked in the animations tab but could not find anything of use for my current question.

Thanks in advance!


This should help tou: