Android Development

I have the Android SDK installed and have been doing Android development with Unity.

However, when I tried with Unreal Engine 4, it gave a somewhat vague complaint and refused to proceed.

I think it directed me here:

I didn’t see what the impediment was.

Any ideas what could be keeping UE4 from letting me do Android Dev?


Hi boolfone,

What was the complaint? My first thought is you don’t have the environment variables set. At minimum you need NDKROOT pointing at the ndk directory (android-ndk-r10e). You can set the other directories (or override the NDK one) in the Android SDK project settings.

Here is the complaint:


Which NDK do you have installed? If this is 4.11 you need r10e. I added support for r11c in 4.12; Google restructured it in r11 (different clang, gcc, paths changed, etc).