Android Development Setup - missing components error

We have an artist who has done the Android Quick Start, but does not have Visual Studio installed. The Visual Studio license part of the AndroidWorks setup fails - is this the “missing component” that is referred to when the artist attempts to package for Android? Is Visual Studio really necessary for packaging? Is it possible this has changed in 4.12 (we’re currently on 4.11)?


Please follow this [Android Documentation][1] for additional assistance.


We have already done that, as should be obvious from the first sentence. Any comment on the Visual Studio part of the question?

No, Visual Studio is not required. The error you see is it trying to install Nsight debugger and you do not need it.

Finally figured out the answer to this. We had not included the Engine/Source tree for artists, but if you look inside UEBuildAndroid.cs in the method RegisterBuildPlatform, you’ll find an existence test for AndroidTargetPlatform.Build.cs, Without that file present, the Android platform will not be registered.

I think your solution will be ok for me but i noticed that there is no UEBuildAndroid.cs or RegisterBuildPlatform or AndroidTargetPlatform.Build.cs in Engine/Source it normal or they were missed?

Thank you i found it but i still get this error.Please help me if you can,

The UEBuildAndroid.cs file is located in UE4\Engine\Source\Programs\UnrealBuildTool\Android in our source tree.

If you have access to udn, check this other thread:
We made a local change to the source to remove the check.