Android Development Install Problem UE4 4.7.3

Hi Everyone, Mi name is Miguel Garcia, From Anigrama Studios [Venezuela]

I´m new in UE4 and exciting for testing with the engine and developep games for android devices.
Firts im instaling the UE4 the 4.7.3 Version and after play around with the basic navigation and creation im ready to testing in Android.

I follow the instalation instruccion for the offcial website.

I isnstal the TADP for the binaries folder, when its finished every ok,
BUT when i launch the Engine not show me the “Launch Android Option” or “Android Package Option”

Additionally im testing my device ADB driver and working fine “cmd.exe” “adb devices” “List =Mydevice”

Now, what i missing?
Thanks fo any help.

Hi Anigrama Studios,

Here is therelevant part of the documentation for packaging through the editor. Are you able to see the ‘Package Project’ option in the menu, that then opens up to Android? From there you can choose what compression texture for which you wish to package.

Here is the documentation section for the Launch On option. When you plug in your device, it should appear in the launch on dropdown. Be advised it may take a few seconds/minutes for the editor to recognize the device and appear in the Devices list along side your computer and the generic iOS device notification. You can see in the documentation screenshot that it says ‘Android - No devices found’. When the editor recognizes your device, that will go away and your device’s name will show up in the list.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply.-

I can´t do anything yet. I unistall all and reinstall and still don´t recognize the “Android Developer Options”.

  • I install UE 4.7.5
  • In the extras folder i installed the NVPACK
  • I check the system Variables and my devide ADB list
  • I run the Unreal Engine and when i click in package my project show me a notification showed below

I do something for the unreal refresh the program or any?

I attach the Captures



Ok! i localized the error, when i install the NVPACK for default the program put the SDK Path in the editor.
I change the path and work!
I Hope this help anyone else!

Thanks wittlief for the reply.


i followed exactly same instructions above and my apk application not work at all , it just stopped once i try to run it , any idea please ?

it show the logo slash screen then it stop

Try reading the output from monitor.exe in your NVPACK tools. It shows errors and debug logs on the device you have plugged into your computer. You can use that to find out what errors are happening after the splash screen dies.