Android Dev. 2.5D Swipe

I’m working on a 2.5D android video game and I want to make basic Up/Down, Right/Left swipe.
My attempt is here: 5fc3548590ce2720a4ad07843f7d8d1c7cb6db72.png
I have no ideea why it’s not working. I’m getting right/left swipes, but I can’t get up/down.
I tried initially with Y as up/down and X as right/left as I saw on google, but it didn’t worked properly.
I tried using 2D as I saw here on YT, but as it’s kinda 2.5D, it didn’t worked at all.

You should take in account some more math: specifically how many degrees you have rotated your camera to achieveve an isometric look.

Im really bad at math. I was thinking, if it’s a 2.5d platform, I could just ignore device rotation.
The camera itself would be static, only going on right like a flappy bird or something.
The problem is that it don’t even work on unity viewport.

Well, khan academy and other services are free and all over the internet. If you want to gamedev and mess with vectors etc you should go learn some math. Nobody is going to make it for you the way you wan it (posting 2 screenshots of a random widget event tab is not very explanatory either)