Android deployment on Max Os X

The documentation seems to be for windows. How do I deploy an android project on Max OSX?

Hello, am using 4.6.1 on OS X and wanting to target Android as well. Like the poster above, I just see Mac / iOS under platforms. Does 4.7 preview #4 include support for this? Working in windows does not interest me.

I’m trying to make the switch from Unity but from a production standpoint, working in multiple platforms to target multiple platforms is not efficient for me (or am I missing something?!).

Really love UE4 so far, please don’t make me go back! If 4.7 solves this, when do you think it will see stable release? Thank you.

It will probably be in 4.7 as it’s now shown in the menu, it builds, but fails to compress the textures, so everything is untextured on device.