Android crash when BP contains copied Timeline


My project kept on crashing on Android. I narrowed it down to a specific Timeline node being triggered. This Timeline node was a copy of another Timeline node (which works fine). I deleted the faulty node and recreated it from scratch and the game no long crashes. I confirmed that this was the problem by copying another Timeline node somewhere else in the project and triggering it, causing a crash.

I do not have the log output anymore but I noticed an assert error ( isinrenderingthread() ) on copied Timeline node triggering.

I only tested the project on a LG G4.

Thank you.

Hey Beln2r,

I am currently using 4.10.0 Preview 1. I have created a project out of a pre-made template and added timelines into the blueprints that are used within the project. I then launched the project onto a . I did not receive the same crash as you. Would you mind providing me a sample project that has been verified to work on your end so that I can test it on mine? I’d like to make sure I haven’t missed any critical steps that you may have taken.


Hello ,

Here are the steps to reproduce the crash. Please note that I am using 4.9.2.

  1. Create new blank Blueprint projet (without starter content)
  2. Create a blank level
  3. Extract the attached blueprint to your Content folder
  4. Put an instance of the blueprint in your level
  5. Launch
  6. At this point, the app should start and NOT crash
  7. Open the blueprint editor
  8. Delete “Timeline_0” (notice where it is currently connected)
  9. Select the “Driver” timeline
  10. Copy with ctrl+c
  11. Paste with ctrl+v (should create a new timeline “Timeline_0”)
  12. Connect Timeline_0’s Play from Start to “Origin X”'s Set node (like it was in step 8)
  13. Compile & save
  14. Launch. The app should now crash on launch

Please let me know if you need more help!
Thank you! (12.7 KB)

Hey Blen2r,

Thank you for providing me with this project. I have verified using your blueprint that the crash happens in 4.9.2 and 4.10 Preview 1 on Android devices and it is stuck on a black screen with iOS devices. The report UE-22167 was created for this issue.

If you have any further questions, please let us know. Have a great day!