Android communication - Java - Jar

Hey !
I’m not used to be very active to any forum.
As I learned a lot of things reading a lot of articles, I wanted to contribute by sharing with you some knowledge.

It’s very hard to understand how to use JNI to communicate in Java language. And even if you manage to make it working, it’s not easy to package all your classes in a jar file.
That’s why I created a tutorial which I hope will help some of you.

The first part of the tutorial gives you some basis or just a remember about how to communicate from blueprint to C++.
The second part explain you step by step how to create the communication from C++ to Java, using a jar file.

I uploaded an example project with a short Process Diagram and a detailed Readme.

Github JarTuto](GitHub - Hydrafox/JarTuto: I explain how to communicate with Unreal from Blueprint to C++, and from C++ to Java jar file using JNI)

thank you very much!!!very helpful