Android can't find other Android Host v 4.21

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now: I’ve got my game launched on 2 android devices, when I host on one and join on the other, the joining one hangs on the “Join Session” node forever. I’ve set the online subsystem to “null” and I’ve also made sure everything is setup to work via LAN. When I launch it locally on my PC, everything is able to connect just fine. I’m also able to connect the android devices if I do the “open” command with the host’s local IP Address. Any assistance or suggestions would be very welcome!
Here are the blueprints for the gamemode functions that are handling both the hosting/joining:

I have the exact same problem.

PC as host and android devices search for Session and connect: works
One android device as host: PC finds the session but doesn’t open the level and other android devices won’t even find the session. But everything works like a charm, if I connect directly via ip address.

There are some old threads and posts (UE 4.8 - 4.12) about this (or a similar problem related to android devices with lan sessions) but they didn’t get me anywhere further.

Same thing here, got exactly the same problem, but I havent checked on other engine versions

Can someone from Epic please help us out, We really need a solution to this problem.

Same thing here. Any fix incoming ?

Same problem here. And for me it was actually working and then suddenly stopped working a month ago.

I ended up resolving this issue. This was a couple years ago, but I think it resolved with upgrading to 4.22. If that doesn’t fix it, I remember there also being an issue with me using the google play services. That caused an override in the network manager which was supposed to be LAN but now was defaulting to google play. Disabling google play and making sure it was set to LAN restored the functionality for me. Hope this helps!

you mean disabling google play on the Android device or in your Unreal project? My game project is using Unreal v4.23, which was working perfectly until a few months ago. Seems like I didn’t change anything but maybe Android is to blame?