Android - cannot find multiplayer session


I’v made multiplayer game (c++ & blueprints) and I want to run it on android.
(The game is up to 4 players, one of them is server, and 3 clients can connect to it, all works fine over LAN, on PC)

First I wanted to try to see what performance I would get, so I’v started server on PC and I’m trying to find that session on Android, but I could not.
Any idea why ? (I could easily find the session between two PCs in LAN)

On PC I call CreateSession(LAN=true, PublicConnections=3) on success followed by OpenLevel with parameter ‘listen’

On android side I call FindSessions(LAN=true, MaxResults=32) … I call it in loop every 5 seconds … and it’s always return Success, but the result array have size == 0.

On Android side I have following permissions set: android.permission.INTERNET, android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE

I’m using 4.19, and android api level 21, my test device is Nexus5, the IP resolved by device seems to be OK according to log:

25176 25209 D UE4 : [2018.03.23-19.05.25:144][486]LogInit: BSD_Android: I am localhost (
25176 25209 D UE4 : [2018.03.23-19.05.25:145][486]LogSockets: (BSD_Android) Wifi Adapter IP

Any other ideas why I could not find my PC session ? (both PC and Phone is on that same lan, and I could succesfully ping my phone from PC)

BTW. What is the current state of GooglePlay matchMaking service in context of use it with UE4 ? I’v quickly looked at OnlineSubsystemGooglePlay and to me it seems that there matchmaking support, someone did this, it’s possible at all with UE4 ?
(all UE4 based games with multiplayer I’v seen on android use own servers to do matchmaking :/)

PS. ‘open <my_pc_ip>’ ofcourse works just fine … but I’m interested why FindSessions returns no results.

To partially resolve my own question - after getting today more devices to test it turns out that if I create my session on Galaxy Note, or Galaxy S7 … my nexus & shield tablets could actually find them, but sessions created on nexus5 or shield are invisible, and could be joined only by console command open …
Anyway, the second part of my question (about matchMaking with google play) is still open …

I’m having trouble with my LG ThinQ V30 phones when I didn’t have any trouble before.