Android Camera & Web Browser plugins not working in GoogleVR

Hello everyone,

Im working on a project for GoogleVR / Google Cardboard. Im trying to implement the plugins Android Camera and Web Browser into my project but I cant seem to get them to work properly.

Android Camera
I followed the instructions on these two videos:

I have this level blueprint setup which should do the job:


Every time I deploy my project to my testing Android phone the plugin does nothing.


  • Im working in 4.19.2
  • I have enabled the Android Camera plugin
  • I have a Media Player setup with the corresponding Texture and Material which should play the stream of the camera, I created a reference for this media player in the level Blueprint (you can see it above as “NOVY”)
  • Im packaging my project in ASTC
  • My testing device is Honor 10

If anyone has an idea why is this not working please let me know. Alternatively if there is a way to find out the Url of my camera so I can directly tell the “Open Url” node to open it so I dont have to use the Enumerate node.

Web Browser

Im trying to play YouTube videos and live streams in my project, it seems to be working fine in when I run in the editor, but once I package it for android the YouTube page loads but the video wont play at all. Any ideas why this is happening? Im bellow are some screenshots of the BP and gameplay.

Thanks to anyone who has any suggestions.


I have a similar problem. I tested the code on unreal doc about media player framenwork to use camera on android device. This code work fine on my Samsung Galaxy S3 but not work on my new phone Redmi Note 7. I don’t no why. Maybe security to open camera device but i doesn’t found article about this. Myster !!!

I found the solution.Change your Target SDK Version to 19 ( project setting → Platform → Android).