Android camera connect

Hello everybody!
It’s been a while since i’ve been trying so solve this problem, but with no success.
Can anybody of you give me an advice? How do i connect a web cam to my Galaxy S6 with C++ in Unreal?

hi homeak, i suggets you UDP connecton, you need create a UDP server on your pc and then send the byte data, not unreal maybe python or what ever you want to send webcam data throw that socket, and on your android you can receive things, getting the byte data with a FSocket* client and then transform to texture2d*
here, this a wiki with UDP connection
and here is a wiki to create dynamic textures:

if you dont have experience with socket and you dont know about RHI system you need read a lot!

hi ZkarmaKun, thx for answer. But i am not sure about this mehtod becouse i am affraid that i will not get a real-time translation.